We provide capital for businesses, particularly SMMEs, that have a valid purchase order or corporate contract. Partner with us and benefit from 100% equity and business support to deliver more efficiently.

Get 100% of the capital you need without financials, security, or track record.

Enabling business

Our capital solution inspires and creates wealth for businesses that have been disempowered, locked out of the financial system and have had to settle in a market that ties them down in survivalist mode.

Latest News

BLOG – Get Access to your Share of R100 million

A new year brings a world of opportunity. A new year has dawned upon us. It’s a new day, a new week, a new year. 365 days filled with opportunities. One of the best opportunities we can share with you is our #GetSAWorking initiative. The initiative is already 6 months in with R77 million cash dispersed. There’s still another R23 million left and we’re looking to help small businesses with this money. If you, or...
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BLOG – Understanding our capital solutions for you and your business

If accessing 100% of the capital doesn’t grab your attention, then maybe our maximum of 7-day timelines for payout will! ProfitShare Partners is in the business of helping SMEs grow. We put up the cash that small businesses need to procure goods and pay suppliers to deliver on their short-term contracts or orders with large corporate and government entities. We partner on the transaction by providing the capital and business support needed to help SMEs...
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BLOG – A Few Simple and Easy Steps to Apply for Funding

We have a solution for what you think is a problem. Financial Freedom is a topic that is very much on our minds. We all know someone that has experienced a loss of income in some way during the course of this year. Many of us may see this as an opportunity to start a business. Unfortunately, for some, our entrepreneurial spirit is tested when we realise that securing funding for our business may prove...
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