PSP Merchant Cash Advance

This is suited for clients who have retail operations such as restaurants, hospitality businesses, retail stores, doctors offices, e-commerce traders, etc

  • Trading for 3+ Months
  • R30K+ Turnover
  • Monthly revenue generated from POS transactions & EFT's

PSP SME Finance

Suited for clients who have valid contracts or purchase orders with reputable companies and require capital solutions.

  • PO Finance
  • Contract Finance
  • Import Finance
  • Invoice Purchasing
  • Short-term Asset Finance

We provide capital for businesses, particularly SMMEs, that have a valid purchase order or corporate contract. Partner with us and benefit from 100% equity and business support to deliver more efficiently.

Get 100% of the capital you need without financials, security, or track record.

Enabling business

Our capital solution inspires and creates wealth for businesses that have been disempowered, locked out of the financial system and have had to settle in a market that ties them down in survivalist mode.

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BLOG – Helpful Hints from SME Guru, York Zucchi: Changing Your Business Approach

Covid-19 has given (forced) us to relook at how we do business… Which is easy to say but tough to do Here I unpack some angles you can tackle to start the journey of transformation. On the impact, the struggling economy will have on how much small businesses will recover in the upcoming year – “Restrategise and opt for a different vessel with which to tackle a world of opportunities” There is a wonderful saying...
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