Brand purpose

We are disrupting traditional funding models to empower businesses for growth and to encourage economic trade.

At ProfitShare Partners, we believe that entrepreneurs and emerging businesses are the drivers of the economy. There is an obvious gap between what traditional financial institutions offer and what government is driving for the sector. When it comes to accessing funds for immediate transacting to deliver on purchase orders and contracts, business owners often face serious risk due to cash flow constraints.

We are bridging that gap. Our approach is to enable businesses, particularly SMMEs, by offering a solution that will assist them in delivering on their contracts by partnering on the deal and supporting the full project through to delivery. We are also focused on the supply market and can offer solutions that will grow businesses substantially within a period of two to three years.

Entrepreneurs, small, medium and micro-enterprises and emerging businesses are often constrained when they need capital to fund contracts that they have won. The risk of investing what they have or the lack of capital, limits them from performing optimally. ProfitShare Partners will eliminate this situation. Contact us to find out more.

Brand philosophy

Before thinking of selling equity in your business to finance growth, get in touch with us to see how we can assist you, using our innovative equity solutions.


Enabling growth for entrepreneurs and businesses to become viable

Forward Facing

Driving progressive, innovative solutions for success today – and into the future

Solutions Driven

Providing solid professional insights, expertise and systems for efficient delivery

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