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Finding Business Opportunities
On finding opportunities We all need a lucky break… Yet often we are blinded to the lucky breaks right in front of our eyes because they are dressed differently from what we expect them to be dressed as… A couple of months ago I spoke to 13.000 men for 45 minutes on the future of...
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Why I love being an entrepreneur
11 reasons why I love being an entrepreneur Entrepreneurship is hard… … so why do it? In this post I unpack 11 reasons why I do it. The other day I managed — unintentionally I’d like to add — to scare quite a few people with my blog “From Employee to Entrepreneur: what I wish...
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How to play
December is the time to be with family and let loose instead of looking for funding. Here are some fun family games to play this holiday while we sort out your funding needs. Learn how to play dominoes: The dominoes are ritually shuffled face down in circles with the flat of the hand – producing...
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Covid-19 has given (forced) us to relook at how we do business… Which is easy to say but tough to do Here I unpack some angles you can tackle to start the journey of transformation. On the impact, the struggling economy will have on how much small businesses will recover in the upcoming year –...
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What is this thing we call “entrepreneurship”? Such a simple word… …. hiding so much sweat and tears. Entrepreneurship — until you’ve tried it, it is difficult to describe. When you talk about it it has all the resemblances of a nice neat little box: idea, prototype, tests, clients, funding, growth, etc. But when you...
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Helpful Hints from SME Guru, York Zucchi: How to Fix the SME Funding Challenge
SMEs need funding Yet funding is a scarce resource. So how do we fix the SME funding challenge? In this article, I unpack some ideas based on our work supporting SMEs around the world. SME Funding Model Much has been said about the SME funding model and how it is not really designed in favour...
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Bridging the finance gap for entrepreneurs
Innovation and Money… Funding for innovators is difficult to find. In this article, I look at the why and how to address this challenge. Bridging the financing gap in the innovation space: notes from my panel discussion at the #AfricanInnovationSummit Innovators are essentially F*$% (a technical term that entrepreneurs use when stuck between the oven...
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what York has learned from flying airplanes that is applicable to entrepreneurs
Some interesting thoughts from York on Flying airplanes… Flying an airplane has many parallels to running a business. Here are 7 lessons that are applicable to many entrepreneurs and may just save your business. A long time ago I used to fly small airplanes. Before doing a manoeuvre such as a flying exercise to improve...
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Access to Markets: The Elephant in the African Entrepreneurial Room
Access to markets is the biggest challenge for SMEs. In this article, we unpack why and how we can solve this. The abbreviation for “Access to Markets” (ATM) makes for a great parallel to the actual challenge for most small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)—without clients, there’s no cash to run the business. Clients—somewhat rudely put—are...
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Purchase Order Funding Made Easy
ProfitShare Partners offers an easy process that you can follow to get the funding you need. It’s as simple as having your valid Purchase Order on hand (check that it’s within the value of R250 000 to R5 million ). Next, you will have to apply online at, which only takes about 10 minutes, and...
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