1. An internship offers someone an “earn-while-they-learn” opportunity to get hands-on experience in your own company, and be an asset in a short space of time. 
  1. Interns can learn all about an SMEs business, giving them a better all-round knowledge of how a business works, while becoming a useful resource in your business. 
  1. South Africa’s Learnership Allowance provides a tax incentive for registered learnerships. This encourages job creation and negates the cost of hiring and training new employees. 
  1. SMEs improve their reputation and standing within the communities they serve by noting their efforts to upskill our youth with first-hand experience they wouldn’t get from textbooks. 
  1. Financial incentives for SMEs if they are a SARS company: Click here for South Africa’s S12H Learnership Allowance.  

Learnerships play a key role in the country’s overall objectives to increase skills within the workforce, reduce unemployment and poverty, and improve economic growth.