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Let’s set the scene.

You’re a busy business owner with limited time and resources. You’re on the road, in boardrooms or even zoom meetings trying to ace that pitch or close that deal. But, you haven’t thought about much after that. You’re probably banking on your savings, considering an investor or dreading the awful task of asking a family member. That all sounds like financial anxiety. Don’t sweat it, though; we are here to take the stress off you.

Apply for purchase order funding from ProfitShare Partners.

Although we’re not investors or a family member (but we sure treat our clients as part of the PSP family), we are certainly funders and purchase order funders. We provide purchase order funding between R 250 000 – R 5 000 000 for South African SMMEs. There’s a floating rumour that says the process of applying for funding is daunting, painful and disappointing, but we’re here to lay down the truth and confirm that it’s only a rumour. Purchase Order (PO) funding with us is a simple and easy online application. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we’re able to provide a first-class funding experience to you. We’re going to take you through this easy process. Stay with us.

Walk with me, it will only take 45 secs. 

Firstly, you should have a stable internet connection and 10 – 15 minutes to ensure your online application is as seamless as possible. Next up is to gather all the relevant documentation. What documents you ask? Ah, we got you. You will need your purchase order, supplier quotation, company financials, if available and general employee information such as ages, gender and ethnicity.

We’re almost there. This is the easy part we were telling you about.

Log onto our website and click on apply now in the top right-hand corner. Get started on the online application, which should take you under 15 minutes since you’ve already ticked off all the requirements listed above. You should move through the process seamlessly, but if you get stuck, you can reach out to our team of experts by sending a mail to for further assistance or clarity. If you proceed through the application successfully, our team will receive it, review it, and respond to you.

Why use funding if I have my savings account?

Most SMMEs dip into their savings to fund their businesses, but why access that cash when you can get capital support that will enable you to target purchase orders (PO) of a higher value, thus creating more profit. That seems like a better idea. You can reserve your savings for other financial commitments that you’re unable to get from a loan or funding. We have funded multiple South African SMMEs, and not only have we funded a few of their purchase orders, but their businesses have grown through the power of funding.

The Ts & Cs:

Our purchase order (PO) financing product only has a few requirements. These are:

  1. Your valid purchase order must be between R 250 000 to R 5 000 000
  2. The order must be from a reputable entity
  3. Have a South African business registered with CIPC

In a nutshell.

One: get your documentation in order

Two: apply online

Three: get funded

If it can fit in only 3 steps, then it sure is easy! Try it out.

Apply now for Purchase Order Funding

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