Merchant Cash Advance

All good things come to those who wait! 

Believe us, the wait for this latest addition to our product offering has been almost unbearable. We were so eager and excited to get this product to market, but true to our nature, we had to perfect it. The reason is that this new product is a game-changer for SMMEs, who couldn’t previously access funding from us, like retail businesses, restaurants, beauty salons and a list of others. We think it is a game-changer because this allows SMMEs to thrive.

Leave the past in the past.

Securing funding can be a daunting, painful, and lengthy process. Lenders may have requirements that could be the length of your arm. Furthermore, they may have requirements that your business cannot comply with yet, which can leave business owners despondent. Not only does it hinder the growth and survival of your business, it affects your ability to keep current staff or hire new people.

We’re bringing the future of fintech to you.

Small businesses that may not be in an ideal financial position can now look forward to our new product offering. This will eventually have a positive impact on the economy, which is beneficial for all citizens. This new offering is what we refer to as Merchant Cash Advance. This product’s flexibility is that your business may use this advance as growth capital or working capital. There are no specific exclusions, and our process has just three requirements. Applying for funding cannot get any more basic. The qualifying criteria for obtaining a Merchant Cash Advance is:

  • You must be trading for at least 3 months
  • You have to have a monthly turnover of over R30k
  • You must have owned the business for over 6 months

If you meet these criteria, we urge you to apply for a quote for funding. It’s a simple, obligation-free process. If you decide to proceed with the quote for your funding, you’ll have access to these fantastic benefits.

  • The timeline from application to payout in your bank account is approximately 2-3 days.
  • If you experience no trade in a particular month, we do not expect you to pay back in that specific month.
  • Repayment is structured to your cash flow cycle.
  • This eases the immediate pressure somewhat and allows your focus to be on growing your business.
  • Your data is securely encrypted.

Sustain your business within your reach. Put the wheels on, and we will gladly meet you halfway. We have several business consultants to provide you with personalized support.

Let us help you ease the financial burden while you give your business your all. Go on and visit our website for more information

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