A new year brings a world of opportunity.

A new year has dawned upon us. It’s a new day, a new week, a new year. 365 days filled with opportunities. One of the best opportunities we can share with you is our #GetSAWorking initiative. The initiative is already 6 months in with R77 million cash dispersed. There’s still another R23 million left and we’re looking to help small businesses with this money. If you, or if you know anyone, that needs a cash injection to get through Janu-Worry to a prosperous year ahead then continue reading.

What is it about?

#GetSAWorking is an exciting growth initiative aimed at stimulating growth and development for SMEs in South Africa. It aims to help South African SMEs jumpstart the South African economy. The initiative gives SMEs an alternate place to seek capital for their business. With COVID-19 at it’s peak, businesses find themselves Janu-Worried. A COVID-19 Janu-Worry is unlike any other Janu-Worry that we’ve experienced before. On the positive side, we’ve helped many small businesses get back on their feet. Yours can definitely be one of them too.

Tell me more.

There is no better time than now to get small businesses working & give entrepreneurs the business boost they need for their business to succeed. Qualified SMEs can get their share of R100 million cash. Remember, there’s only R23 million capital available with 5 months left.

How does it work.

If you have a purchase order or valid contract between R250 000 and R5 000 000 then you can apply for your share of R100 million. SMEs with no access to funding, have no track record or financial history but have a valid PO or contract can benefit from our #GetSAWorking initiative. The lucky winners are selected monthly for a share of the R100 million cash injection to boost their business and achieve their goals. That certainly helps in taking the worry out of Janu-Worry.

It doesn’t stop there though. There is a grand prize of R1 million for an SME that creates the most number of jobs with their share of R100 million. After hearing that we’re sure you’ve already planned 1 million things to do with the cash. Don’t forget, first you have to be in it to win it.

If we haven’t already enticed you then here’s more. There’s another R10 000 up for grabs each month. All you have to do is simply share your story on how you would spend R10 000 to give your business the boost it needs. Yes, it’s that easy.
WhatsApp Hot 91.9FM with the keyword ‘WorkSA’ on 084 2212 919

We support you every step of the way.

We’re passionate about enabling growth for entrepreneurs & small business owners that’s why we also have ProfitShare Partners experts, for our first-time applicants, which will help you throughout the process.

Where do I sign?

  1. Complete an easy online application form
  2. If you need help or have any queries you can email us on queries@profitsharepartners.com
  3. We provide feedback under 48 hours and pay out for new applicants usually within 7 days of application

Once you’ve fulfilled all ProfitShare Partners requirements, the team gets to work making the capital available and the opportunities for success to happen. Both, the capital and the process is designed to #GetSAWorking.

Let us help you and the South African economy recover – and thrive.

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