Got that Purchase Order from your ideal client?

That’s excellent news. A hearty congratulations to you! But wait, you can’t get finance from a bank and now you’re in a situation, don’t worry! ProfitShare Partners provides an alternative funding solution. We offer up to 100% capital ranging from R250 000 up to R5 000 000 per transaction with 0% interest but with an agreed share of that transaction’s profit. You don’t need to sell your shares to raise capital; you just need to come to us for a “no strings attached” approach to funding.


How can I get in on some of this? 

It’s straightforward. You can easily apply online, providing all the relevant details, click submit and wait for our team to get back to you. They’re pretty efficient; feedback on all applications takes under 48 hours. If they have good news to share with you, then you can expect payout to happen in 7 days, even sooner for existing clients. We understand that time is precious and business funding is scarce, so we try our best to get you the money in the least amount of time possible. That allows you to get on with your business and have more time to focus on your clients.


But wait, I have a complicated order? 

After a global pandemic changed the face of business as usual, we recognize that orders are no longer plain and simple as it was traditionally. Our team of experts are masters at understanding funding for various industries, feel free to send them a mail at, and a friendly member from our team will gladly help you out.


Should I be aware of any requirements? 

Like with most things in life, there are some basic requirements that we need from you before we fund a PO; these are:

  • A valid purchase order from a credible entity
  • The value of the purchase order should be with R 250 000 to 5 000 000 per transaction
  • Your South African business must be registered with the CIPC
  • A winning attitude to get the funds, fulfil the order and deliver excellence

It’s that simple!

Yes, that’s it – we care about SMEs in South Africa, and that’s why we provide an innovative funding solution to drive economic inclusivity and growth.

Now that you’ve ticked the boxes, you should be on your way to apply. Go ahead, make your business dreams come alive with a simple click of a button (below).

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