How does our youth navigate this new digital era?

It was Africa Day, it was GIBS Faculty member Dr Udo Osugwe hosting and it was Keneilwe Malotle, one of the forces behind Digify Africa’s mission to bring digital skills to young people across all communities, in the fourth Slaying In Your Lane Fireside Chat, brought to you by GIBS Entrepreneurship Development Academy and series sponsor, the fintech firm ProfitShare Partners.

With her effervescent personality, Keneilwe introduced Digify Africa, the youth-led organisation dedicated to imparting digital skills to Africa’s youth, highlighting the fact that with various programs in Digify Africa’s arsenal running in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria, Keneilwe underscores the importance of Digify Africa upskilling its beneficiaries who are able to walk out of a course with skills that can be applied in the workplace immediately.

Being in a country where the need for training is great means Digify Africa understands what is required by local businesses, and is able to send out the message to the youth, “if you need skills, you can learn with us”.

With what she describes as “such a soft spot and so much admiration for entrepreneurs”, Keneilwe notes the difficulty in becoming an entrepreneur without access to education and urges young people to take advantage of the free programs available online.

“Digify Africa offers programs for entrepreneurs, who will be working in their different communities and – importantly – creating jobs there.”

Noting that the coming years will be critical to consolidate and build on these educational gains while ensuring reinforced support accelerates the pace of change on the African continent, GIBS Entrepreneurship Development Academy and sponsor ProfitShare Partners urge you to click to watch the dynamic Keneilwe sharing her knowledge about how you can navigate the new digital world.