If accessing 100% of the capital doesn’t grab your attention, then maybe our maximum of 7-day timelines for payout will!

ProfitShare Partners is in the business of helping SMEs grow. We put up the cash that small businesses need to procure goods and pay suppliers to deliver on their short-term contracts or orders with large corporate and government entities. We partner on the transaction by providing the capital and business support needed to help SMEs deliver successfully.

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. So too do their business models. As South Africans, diversity is second nature to us. Our rainbow nation is home to an array of business and intellectual moguls that have paved a way for us. The likes of Basetsana Kumalo, Patrice Motsepe and Richard Maponya to name a few are products of South Africa.

Our capital solutions.

Our approach to capital is adaptable to your type of product or service offering. Our SME capital solutions cover a range of requirements. Capital support can range from R250 000 to R5 000 000.

We are able to provide Capital to:

  • SME’s that require PSP to purchase an invoiced order provided the purchase order is issued by a large corporate or government entity.
  • PSP funds deals where the goods are produced locally and the lead time is between 30 to 90 days.
  • Internationally procured goods provided the purchase order is issued by a large corporate or government entity.
  • A contract that requires cash flow support for maximum of 365 days provided that the contact is by a large corporate or government entity.
  • Short term assets that the SME needs to purchase (and may need cash flow assistance) which is secured within a contract or with a purchase order that is issued by a large corporate or government entity.

PSP is also able to provide confirmation of financial support for tender applications. To obtain a letter of financial confirmation, the application can be completed online. The initial requirements that your SME needs to qualify for capital support is:

  • A South African business registered with the Companies and intellectual Property Commission
  • A valid purchase order or contract from a reputable corporate or government entity
  • Capital support requirement limited to R5 000 000 per transaction

Help is only an application button away.

We understand the process of starting out and appreciate the circumstances of how business ideas develop. Therefore, all SME’s regardless of their security, financial position, track record or limited access to capital are encouraged to apply for capital. All applications are reviewed objectively.

Your SME financial requirements can be met. Reach out to our team at queries@profitsharepartners.com or Apply online now!


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