ProfitShare Partners is proud to celebrate yet another birthday milestone! The company has experienced a number of exciting developments and successes in the past year and looks forward to creating an even greater impact for its SME clients and collaborative partners in the year ahead.

Reflecting on some of the key highlights for the FinTech business this year, ProfitShare Partners CEO, Andrew Maren recently shared that True Impact has committed R100 million to the company over the next three years as the SME growth enabler for its SMME Fund. This pledge reinforces the confidence of ProfitShare Partners’ capacity to grow small businesses into sustainable contributors to the economy.

In celebrating another year in business, a few of the big wins ProfitShare Partners’ journey so far includes:

  • Helping SMEs create more than 500 jobs and sustain more than 1,000 as a result of the ProfitShare Partners partnership and transactional support
  • Through repeat business, the FinTech business partnered with SMEs on deals worth over R60 million in capital 
  • ProfitShare Partners has grown its funding book value by 400% in one year 
  • Achieved a 97% collection rate in an industry believed to be ‘high risk’.

“What stands out the most for our business is that each successful deal that we see raising the profile of our SME clients and the impact we’re creating. The corporate confidence of our investors and industry partners has increased significantly, and has contributed to the many successes we’ve experienced to date. For this, we say thank you for the support and commitment from our clients, partners and contributors,” added Maren.

There are a number of exciting business initiatives in the pipeline for ProfitShare Partners that aims to reach more SMEs with innovative solutions designed to elevate their access to business.

This FinTech company is commited to enabling small businesses to become sustainable, and continues to drive its vision of creating a positive social impact for SMEs in the market.

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