At ProfitShare Partners, we pride ourselves on our successful partnerships with innovative SME businesses. Bophelo Scientific shows how a small business can create high value through perseverance and commitment to delivery.

Bophelo Scientific is a distributor of medical disposable products, primarily for the healthcare sector. Established in early 2017 in pursuit of creating a niche in the veterinary market that is led by a black, female- owned business, Bophelo Scientific has adopted a unique approach to offering solutions by specialising in products of superior quality and reputable brands, as well as exceptional aftersales customer reviews. 

Led by serial entrepreneur and scientist, Dipolelo Semenya is passionate about making a difference by sourcing high quality products and making them available to the general public and the veterinary sector. One of the major goals for Dipolelo was to secure large projects, both long and short term to ensure growth and sustainability of Bophelo Scientific. She took the step to level up her business and partnered with ProfitShare Partners to execute and deliver on her order.

“Partnering with ProfitShare Partners has definitely assisted my business in more ways than one. We were able to deliver on the orders that we procured with reduced lead times and less hassles because their application process is user-friendly and easy enough to follow. The payment process is also quick once the application approval is confirmed,” says Dipolelo Semenya. 

Professional, on-time delivery is paramount to the success of businesses like Bophelo Scientific, which is also a supplier to SOEs for various specialised products. ProfitShare Partners provided technical training to enable our client to negotiate better payment terms with their suppliers. Together with Dipolelo’s perseverance and commitment to quality delivery and output, Bophelo Scientific has proven to be a trusted provider and has gained larger orders from their clients. 

 “Our business was able to run more efficiently, secure more orders and gain a positive reputation. This has indirectly led to the creation of employment within the company, so the ripple effects are felt long term,” she added.

The business currently employs five people full-time basis, in addition to four part-time employees. Since partnering with ProfitShare Partners, Bophelo Scientific has managed to employ three people.

Prior to applying for capital support with us, Bophelo Scientific applied for funding at the banks but was unsuccessful due to not meeting the criteria set out for businesses. But that did not deter Dipolelo from realising the growth that she had planned for her business.

“A small business does not intend to remain small forever and with the help of such avenues, we can grow and reach a point where we are able to sustain ourselves eventually. Perseverance is the key. When you look deeper, you will realise that you have more resources that are available to you than what you actually thought. And it also helps to be 100% committed to your business without any distractions,” she added.

 “We’re proud of our partnership with our client who has demonstrated focus, perseverance and commitment to delivery. Dipolelo’s confidence in our business model also prompted her to partner with us on another one of her other business interests and we look forward to enabling further on her business journey,” said CEO and founder of ProfitShare Partners, Andrew Maren.

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