When small businesses present viable solutions and secure big business, just one opportunity can set them up for growth. Eminent Holdings, trading as Intelligent Outcomes, recognised a need to enhance asset tracking for improved security in the industry and ended up creating a safer world.

Officially launched in 2014, the founders of Intelligent Outcomes recognised an opportunity to introduce a specialised tracking solution for their clients to track their assets more effectively. The local market was not equipped with the technology needed to successfully protect and secure merchandise in the retail sector – exposing them to robbery and theft.

Through the owners’ experience and track record, Intelligent Outcomes successfully unlocked the demand for an effective asset monitoring system by enhancing merchandise tracking devices that responds in real time to any activity on the asset through movement detection. The results? Reduced robbery and theft. This attracted major interest from large retail corporates that needed to protect their assets – their employees and merchandise.

“When the demand for our service and solutions from a retail group increased, our biggest frustration was accessing finance to meet our client’s demand. Because of the size of the group, we needed investors or shareholders to come on board in order to respond to the order,” said Neil Swart, General Manager and Founder of Intelligent Outcomes.

The SME approached financial institutions and various funds with their business case but were rejected due a limited track record and period in business. Selling equity and getting shareholders was one of their considerations at the time, to gain access to cash flow to increase their supply. Intelligent Outcomes needed strong financial partners and finding the capital to meet their commitments took five months before they were introduced to ProfitShare Partners.

“After a one-hour meeting with Andrew (CEO of ProfitShare Partners) and a week later, we partnered with ProfitShare Partners and managed to deliver our solutions to our client,” added Swart.

Once the cash flow became available, Intelligent Outcomes were able to deliver quickly and implemented their solutions. They managed to grow from 100 units to 300 units in the market simultaneously in a short period of operation. After a year of implementation, their retail client saw positive results and ordered more tracking devices. When the second retail group came on board, the SME was ready to deliver. 

The solution has had a massive impact on reducing the number of armed robberies that retailers experienced at their stores. Merchandise was more quickly recovered, and criminals apprehended in the process. As a result, the solution has prevented robberies for those stores and the retailer has a level of peace of mind.

“The process of applying for the capital with ProfitShare Partners is really simple and the turnaround time is impressive. I’ve concluded a few deals already, and each was paid in two to five days,” said Swart. 

“From a small business point of view, get the right partner on board from the start – if you have a successful business plan with the right contacts, you can save yourself a lot of frustration. With ProfitShare Partners, it is really easy and simple,” he concluded.

Intelligent Outcomes is a specialised risk services company that is driven to create a safer world by protecting and recovering high-value assets and apprehending criminals with innovative solutions that leverage the latest technologies while still meeting compliance standards. ProfitShare Partners is proud to partner with the company to effectively deliver on their commitments.

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