Edge Growth

Edge Growth is a long-term impact investing company that provides holistic solutions that caters for the needs of corporates and entrepreneurs. Since 2007, the investing company has connected corporate strategy with SMME development using customised end-to-end solutions with a key focus on removing the constraints that small business face, both financially and non-financially.

The most established ESD Fund Manager in the market, Edge Growth owns 30% of ProfitShare Partners and currently manages three different funds as well as over half a billion Rands of ESD investments for clients who want to own their ESD strategies but outsource the non-core activity of fund management.

Through Edge Growth’s longer term, customised funding solutions for small business, and ProfitShare Partners’ transaction funding model, the SMME market has access to the financial and infrastructural support that it needs to respond swiftly to the immediate supply chain and procurement requirements of purchase order agreements and binding contracts, as well as longer term financial and non-financial assistance to grow their business.

Caleo Capital

Caleo Capital is an international wealth and asset management business which creates simplistic, transparent investment solutions, and manages a significant portfolio of assets on behalf of their clients. Caleo offers a full suite of individualised services: wealth management, asset management, corporate advisory and insurance.

The company takes great pride in fully understanding its client’s vision, and use their wealth of experience and expertise to bring that financial goal to fruition. By keeping communication transparent and candid, Caleo offers clients genuine personal guidance and informed financial solutions.

Caleo has keen interests in investment opportunities with positive social outcomes and has recently acquired shares in ProfitShare Partners, in line with its vision to find local, high-impact, high-yielding investment opportunities in which to allocate the company’s assets.

Caleo believes in identifying good people with proven track records to produce either products or services that will improve the society in which we live in, whilst still delivering exceptional financial returns.

Equity Capital Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Equity Capital Holdings Pty Ltd (ECH) was established as a strategic investment company in 2015 by founder and CEO, Andrew Maren.  ECH is exclusively an investment holding company with interests that extend predominantly to the financial services and property sectors. With its international and expanding global footprint, ECH is well positioned to become the partner of choice for innovative and disruptive investment ventures.

ECH owns 30% of ProfitShare Partners as one of the alternative financial entities in its financial portfolio. The unique funding model that ProfitShare Partners offers the SMME sector enables sustainability for small business, while simultaneously provides a funding option that can enhance enterprise development initiatives for corporate business.

ProfitShare Partners commands an insatiable demand and offers a funding solution that not only enables the market but also disrupts traditional financial services models, which is a distinct attribute that is aligned with ECH’s vision.

ProfitShare Partners Staff Trust

TMB Private Equity

TMB Private Equity is wholly owned by a family office that seeks to make meaningful investments in companies that aspires to create real businesses that also generates significant social impact.

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