ProfitShare Partners launched its new office space – The Rocket Room – in Hyde Park, Sandton at an event with key industry partners and contributors recently.

On Thursday, 16 May 2019, the CEO and founder of the disruptive FinTech business, Andrew Maren introduced The Rocket Room to guests at the event. In line with ProfitShare Partners’ movement to change the economic landscape for SMEs, The Rocket Room represents a prototype of a vision set on creating an SME City where synergistic small businesses can collaborate to accomplish more than what they are capable of doing on their own, in one space.

“We’ve created an engine room – a space where likeminded business owners can work collaboratively to enhance each other’s journeys through their independent products and service offerings. The Rocket Room is an environment that offers small businesses in the space ease of access to the resources they need to grow. This is how we see small businesses joining forces and taking their businesses to the next level,” said Maren.

Set to become a launchpad to take small businesses to the next level, The Rocket Room already has a number of small businesses that have signed up to operate in the space. These include True Impact, Procuresense, Risk Minds, Meraki Inc, the Niched Company and of course, ProfitShare Partners. 

“Access to resources is not always easy to find, especially when small businesses work independently. We want to create an environment where like-minded business people can easily network and collaborate to enhance each other’s business journey,” added Maren.

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