The Get SA Working SME Growth Initiative is in full swing with R27 million already disbursed to SMEs who have received their share of capital to do more business since 1 June 2020. Each of these recipients now stand in line to win R1 million in June next year!

R1 million in cash can change everything for a small business! That is the cash prize that ProfitShare Partners will award to the SME that has received their share of R100 million in capital and created the most net jobs during the Get SA Working SME Growth initiative. Qualifying SMEs have until 31 May 2021 to create the most jobs to stand a chance of winning the cash.

“The R1 million is our incentive for the SMEs that are out there working hard and creating much-needed employment to kickstart our economic turnaround. We’re fully aware that the last couple of months have been very difficult for small businesses. That’s why we want to reward the SME that has received their share of R100 million in capital for their small business and has managed to ‘get South Africa’ working by creating the most jobs. It will be our show of appreciation for their hard work in alleviating poverty in South Africa by creating jobs  especially during this difficult time,” says CEO and founder of ProfitShare Partners, Andrew Maren.

How SMEs will qualify

The small businesses that have successfully received their share of the R100 million in the Get SA Working campaign which runs from June 2020 till May 2021 are encouraged to create sustainable jobs. How do you do that you may ask? By employing staff to assist in growing your small business. ProfitShare Partners will then conduct an audit at the end of the campaign with qualifying SMEs to see who has created the most number of sustainable jobs during the period – whoever has created the most net jobs will receive R1 million in cash!

In partnership with Hot 91.9FM and getlion mobile app, ProfitShare Partners launched the Get SA Working SME Growth initiative on 1 June 2020 with R100 million in capital for small businesses to execute on their purchase orders or short-term contracts with large public or private organisations. To date, the Fintech business has disbursed over R27 million to qualifying SMEs. 

“There’s definitely been an upswing in activity from SMEs. With the easing of restrictions to Lockdown Level 2, we can already see an uptick in small business activity with more people getting back to work. Companies are opening up and there’s definitely some pent-up demand that is coming in now. We’re looking forward to seeing a lot more activity over the next couple of months,” added Maren.

Our latest capital recipient

With R73 million in capital still available, small businesses have time to apply for their share. For some insight on how ProfitShare Partners assists small businesses, meet the latest recipient, Kakono Technologies. Shinese Manaka shares her experience with our broadcasting partner, Hot 91.9FM’s Bunny Majaja on how the capital has helped their small business deliver! 

“We are indeed excited to have successfully partnered with ProfitShare Partners in securing order finance to service our current order book… we needed a partner that would enable us to deliver larger orders,” said Manaka.

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“For SMEs out there in need of capital to execute on their short-term contracts or orders with large organisations, we don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to get a share of the available capital to do more business. And, if you create the most sustainable jobs, you could become an instant millionaire! Visit the website and apply for your share now – let’s get South Africa working,” concluded Maren.

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