Top 4 benefits of Purchase Order funding

Markets around the world are changing rapidly, and savvy business leaders constantly have funding opportunities in their line of sight. Whether it’s to kick-start a new business or to facilitate growth, monitoring your company’s finances must be part of Planning 2022.

One of the top ways to access finance is Purchase Order funding. The disruptive fintech ProfitShare Partners has Purchase Order funding as the cornerstone of its business offerings. When planning your 2022 strategy, keep Purchase Order funding in mind when noting your financial goals.

ProfitShare Partners provides capital for businesses, particularly SMEs, that have a valid, signed purchase order or corporate contract. We partner with you and provide business and capital support to deliver more efficiently.

You get 100% of the capital you need without financials, security, or a track record. Among the benefits for you, is applying for Purchase Order funding online and getting a rapid response.

Don’t let your status as a small business stop you from reaching for that audacious opportunity just because you feel finance will be difficult to access, if not unattainable. Here are the three benefits of Purchase Order funding to keep in mind as you plan for 2022:

Speedy fulfilment of Purchase Orders

This year, be on the lookout for opportunities to provide your goods and services to large organisations. Yes, you need the working capital to fulfil the Purchase Order. You could approach your bank for a loan, or plunder your savings… but what if you could get the cash you need to fulfil the order within a week, without all the red tape?

With ProfitShare Partners, you can get access to cash in seven days, or even sooner for existing clients. That means you can seek and fulfil more Purchase Orders in less time and grow your business rapidly.

Planning for the unexpected

Business plans and goals often don’t turn out the way we envision them, so it’s crucial to have a cash reserve or access to financing as your backstop.

When you’re a ProfitShare Partners client, you know how much money you’ll have on hand when you need it. This translates into business continuity no matter what economic changes you have to contend with.

By providing working capital to fulfil the Purchase Order to qualified applicants, ProfitShare Partners gives you the agility to take the actions required to keep that contract and the client.

Healthy, steady growth

Growth is a priority for all business owners.

Reasons to seek financing are many and varied. When you have the right kind of funding, you can grow and scale your business faster. When you have access to Purchase Order funding, you have the opportunity at your fingertips.

As you plan for 2022, make sure the opportunities afforded you by a leading fintech like ProfitShare Partners are part of your strategy. Then, make sure you’re one of the 2022 success stories cheering in 2023.

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