ProfitShare Partners offers an easy process that you can follow to get the funding you need. It’s as simple as having your valid Purchase Order on hand (check that it’s within the value of R250 000 to R5 million ). Next, you will have to apply online at, which only takes about 10 minutes, and lastly, our team reviews your application and provides you with feedback within 48 hours.


Let’s look at it in detail:

What you need to know before applying

Round up all your credible documents to support the purpose of your funding request. If you have a Purchase Order supplier quotation and can remember your past turnover figures, for example, you’re set. You’ll be able to quickly upload them to the online application form once you’ve saved them to your computer or phone for easy access.

Do you qualify?

Purchase Order Funding is available to any-sized registered South African business that has a valid Purchase Order. The amount of funding available ranges from R250 000 to R5 million.

Apply online via our website

To start filling out the application, you’ll first need 10 minutes of uninterrupted time. You will also need a stable internet connection, preferably from your computer.

Starting your application is as easy as online shopping. Simply log on to, click on the “apply now” button, and start filling out the application.

Our online application platform is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. It allows applicants to upload all of their information and documents in one place in order to apply at their convenience.

The application form will request the information below from you:

  1. Personal and Business Details
  2. Company registration number and director(s) details
  3. Supplier Quotation
  4. Valid Purchase Order
  5. Business Financial Information (if available, but not compulsory)

P.S: The most important document that we need to process your application is a valid Purchase Order, so make sure you have this in hand.

Help is only an email away

No need to worry about anything complicated — if you’re not sure what to do at any point in your application, reach out to our helpful team by emailing, and they’ll be happy to provide any help you may need.


We are here to support you. We offer an easy online application process!  Our goal is not only to fund your Purchase Order but to support you throughout the steps of the transaction. We know that a thriving economy means supporting small and young businesses, and we’ll do just that with the skills and resources that we have at our disposal.


To start your online application, click below:


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