Leverage your network of business owners

Join the ProfitShare Partners referral program and earn a % of the deal value for every successful opportunity.

Why partner with ProfitShare Partners

ProfitShare Partners is growing fast. Our team is constantly developing new features and services that are centred around benefitting our clients and contributing towards helping more South African SMEs grow.

What we’ve created is not just a platform. We’ve managed to build a community of like-minded people, a place where people help each other grow, and where what we do contributes positively towards the growth and success of our country.

Be part of something impactful.

We are here to help businesses in need. At ProfitShare Partners, we believe that entrepreneurs and emerging businesses are the drivers of the economy. There is an obvious gap between what traditional financial institutions offer and what government is driving for the sector. 

When it comes to accessing funds for immediate transacting to deliver on Purchase Orders and Contracts, business owners often face serious risks due to cash flow constraints.

We are bridging that gap. We offer SMEs the ability to partner on big deals by delivering a business funding solution that will assist them in helping their businesses grow. We believe that we can offer these opportunities to our clients because of our track record, extensive experience in the industry and the resources we have available.

Join, Promote, Earn

Sign up to be a referral partner

If you know owners of small and medium-sized businesses who require business capital, the referral program could be a great fit.

Invite business owners to register for funding

You will be issued a unique referral link that you can share with your network. You can also invite people directly from the platform.

Earn % of deal value for each successful referral

After your clients’ deals are repaid, you will receive a % of commission paid out to you. 

Driving Inclusive Economic Growth for South African SMEs

How The Referral Program Works

  • We give you a variety of ways to refer businesses who need funding

    Use digital assets that give your clients context about who we are, and what we do.


  • We manage the application process

    Once they’ve applied, we manage the entire funding process – from finding them their best funding product, answering their questions, to getting documentation and information.


  • Get feedback and updates from the Partner Portal

    Stay informed throughout the entire process through your own dashboard that tracks your referrals.

  • We pay you!

    When your referred business successfully completes their funding repayment we pay you a commission.

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