Purchase Order Equity Partnership

When you have a tender or binding contract, we help you navigate the red tape in the current empowerment system within the private and public sectors. Our quick and convenient application will give you a response within 48 hours, and only 7 days to facilitate the deal for your purchase order or contract requirements.


ProfitShare Partners contributes 100% of the equity for clients to meet their resourcing requirements for the project or contract.


To ensure the best value and quality when sourcing supplies for a project or contract, ProfitShare Partners offers clients access to a current database of reputable resources.


On-time delivery, packaging and presentation are valuable to corporate and government clients. ProfitShare Partners supports you in meeting these expectations.

ProfitShare Partners is committed to offering clients:

Cutting-edge technology & secure transactions

Quick response times – approval within 48 hours

Solid vetting & due diligence procedures

7-day facility provisioning

Payment, supplier & delivery risk management

Frequently Asked Questions

To find out more about our equity solutions and how we can assist you, click here for our frequently asked questions.

Who do we partner with?

ProfitShare Partners provides a disruptive solution to businesses, particularly SMMEs, with credible transactions, but who are unable to access capital or funding because they lack the financial history and security that are normally required by lending institutions.

We invite any business with a valid purchase order or contract from any large corporate company, state-owned enterprise (SOE), most municipalities and government departments to engage with us.

Our only exception is high-performance contracts. These include contracts and projects where the key deliverable relies largely on the skills, performance and availability of people.

Our Partnership

ProfitShare Partners provides more than equity support. With over 20 years’ industry experience, clients benefit from a partnership that offers solid business expertise, honest and upfront dealings, and a wealth of insights to strengthen SMME project operations.

We’re driving economic transformation by offering real solutions to enable the SMME sector and emerging enterprises. Our success is measured by the success of our clients. We build businesses up to ensure their sustainability – when our clients have realised their success and no longer need us, that’s when we’ve achieved our goal.

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