Social Impact

ProfitShare Partners is more than disruptive short-term capital provider for SMEs. Through financial technology (fintech), PSP is a leader in accelerating growth for small businesses to become sustainable, financially empowered and economically competitive.

Key to PSP and its clients’ success is social impact, defined as “the performance of a sustainable business relative to societies and social justice”. But why is the social impact of a business growing in importance?

Firstly, the social impact of a business covers practices related to employees and employment within a business: Fair pay for fair work; opportunities to grow; upskilling staff to ensure their future employability.

Then, social impact practices outside the business include participating in fair trade practices and supporting causes that encourage environmental and/or social betterment.

Importance of leadership in social impact

Andrew Maren, founder and CEO of fintech ProfitShare Partners says the creation sustainability of social impact can only be achieved with committed leadership. “The buy-in of an entire organisation is needed to ensure the business is governed in a responsible and ethical manner.

“But it begins at the top.”

Caring about causes

By incorporating social impact into your business by using existing resources to do good, employees and consumers will see evidence of your caring about social causes. Says Maren: “More consumers are supporting companies that care, knowing their spend will go towards the greater good in communities.”

Importantly, impact investing is growing at a rapid pace globally. Investors are looking to generate or participate in environmental and socially positive impact, in addition to their financial returns.

Global investors noting social impact

With socially-conscious fintechs like ProfitShare Partners able to offer investors a gateway to a growing market of entrepreneurs and successful SMEs, potential stakeholders from around the globe are showing interest.

“Our disruptive fintech model is designed to support the sector in becoming active contributors to the economy by giving them access to transactional support quickly and simply.” Maren asserts.

“Add to this our PSP’s commitment to social issues and good corporate governance, and the creation of opportunities for a more inclusive SME sector to become sustainable, active contributors in the economy, we offer investors the agility of a fintech with the heart of a community.”

See PSP social impact report here.

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