ProfitShare Partners is a proud supporter of the National Heritage Project’s Long March to Freedom procession that will be opening at Century City in Cape Town on 15 November 2019. 

South Africa is known for its rich cultural heritage and history shaped by the people who have left a legacy in the country’s 350-year struggle for freedom and democracy. The Long March to Freedom monumental procession of 100 life-sized bronze statues is the largest exhibition of its kind in the world that offers visitors an immersive experience of South African history to this extent. 

ProfitShare Partners was excited to support this project because of the massive impact that it will have for education, job creation, skills development, tourism and the preservation of South African history.

“This is probably one of the most interesting projects that we have been asked to partner from a financial point of view. One of the  reasons we said yes was because of the impact it will have for education because it allows every one, especially school children, to fully experience and learn about our history and heritage in a more fun an interactive way,” says Andrew Maren, CEO and founder of ProfitShare Partners.

The bronze artworks were created by an all-South African team of artists and trainees, foundries, historians and other experts. The quality and visual appeal of the statues as well as the minute attention to detail are as absorbing as the inspiring stories of the individuals. 

Since the project was launched nine years ago, the Long March to Freedom has enriched the lives thousands of people, from those who worked or were trained on the project, to the school children who have never before had the opportunity to fully experience their own history and heritage, and the domestic and foreign tourists who laud the Long March to Freedom as one of South Africa’s most exciting heritage attractions.

‘’It was a pleasure to partner with such a forward thinking funder like ProfitShare Partners. We fully appreciate that this project falls outside of their conventional funding model but, at the same time, we were delighted that they immediately recognised the potential of this legacy project,’’ says Dali Tambo, CEO of the National Heritage Project.

To date, the project has created thousands of jobs and is set to create many more. It has also allowed more than 45 local artists to be showcased for their exceptional skill and work. 

“The Long March to Freedom immortalises and honours our country’s heroes and allows us to reflect on their contributions to our world today. I have no doubt that it will also attract numerous local and international tourists to Cape Town, where the exhibition will soon open,” added Maren.

The Long March to Freedom is developed, owned and operated by the National Heritage Project Non-Profit Company. It has previously been exhibited at locations in Gauteng and the move to Cape Town is part of the owner’s commitment to exposing as many South Africans as possible to this unique experience. The exhibition opens to the public at Century City on 15 November 2019 from 09h00 to 18h00. 

“We are so proud that we were able to help this visionary team in such a unique way to make this momentous project available to the citizens of our country and beyond,” concluded Maren.

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