We have a solution for what you think is a problem.

Financial Freedom is a topic that is very much on our minds. We all know someone that has experienced a loss of income in some way during the course of this year. Many of us may see this as an opportunity to start a business. Unfortunately, for some, our entrepreneurial spirit is tested when we realise that securing funding for our business may prove challenging. The perception is that this is a complicated and challenging process. This has a negative impact on the business idea. In fact, there are far too few entrepreneurs in South Africa due to these kinds of perceptions. More than likely, those of us looking for capital funding have little or no experience in this regard. Where do we start looking? Who can we trust? How easy is the process to apply for capital funding to start my business right? What if this doesn’t work? But what if it does works?

How much do we fund?

It is wise to be cautious and careful as with many things in life. But a change in perspective from looking at the glass half empty to looking at a glass half full can go a long way. Our perspective at ProfitShare Partners is just that. We offer up to 100% capital ranging from R250 000 to a maximum of R5 000 000 per transaction with no interest but with an agreed share of the profit of that transaction and no need to trade equity in exchange for cash flow.

Our response time.

Applications for our SME capital solutions are responded to within 24 hours and payments are released within just 7 days. Payment for existing clients are done even faster and usually within 48 hours. We understand that business happens when it does and you need access to capital quickly.

What information do I need and how do I apply?

The minimum criteria for your SME to qualify for capital support is for your South African business to be registered with CIPC and a valid contract from a reputable entity. We pride ourselves on our simple, hassle free application process.

Simply follow these steps to apply for funding for your SME:

  1. Go to profitsharepartners.com and click Apply Now
  2. Follow the instructions and upload necessary contracts. Your application will be reviewed and you will be informed of the status. Upon approval and verification, the funding contract is signed digitally
  3. Your SME is further supported by our team in negotiations and risk mitigations
  4. Suppliers payments are released once all the requirements have been met

Our funding agreement is based exclusively on the contract which is secure and paperless. There is no trade in equity exchange. Once you have partnered with us, we support you every step of the way.

Open yourself up to a world of opportunity.

Your business deserves the best start. Applying for capital funding need not be an obstacle in accomplishing your life goals. Partner with us for professional service to help your business succeed.

ProfitShare Partners is your capital funding solution. Your business idea could lead to your financial freedom and a legacy for your loved ones. Take the leap. Apply now.


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