The ethos of our business is to help your small business do more business. Sometimes a small business owner merely needs a bit of advice and support to guide them to success. We’re here to be your support, to answer questions that you need answers to, that will help you get your business to the next level. Let’s look at the questions you’ve asked and the answers provided by our team of experts.


How do I apply for funding for a small business or startup?

Firstly, your South African business must be registered with CIPC and, secondly, have a valid contract from a reputable entity. We pride ourselves on our simple, hassle-free application process.

We have a simple and easy-to-use application process. All you have to do is follow the steps below to apply for funding for your SME:

  • Go to and click Apply Now.
  • Follow the instructions and upload the necessary contracts.
  • Our team reviews all applications and notifies applicants of their status.
    • Once the contract is approved, then the contract is signed digitally.

Yes, you can start celebrating now. YOU GOT IT! It’s just the start of the opportunities that lie ahead for your business.

It doesn’t end there, though; our team further supports your SME with negotiations and risk mitigations. After they check that requirements have been met, then all suppliers’ payments are released.

Our funding agreement is based exclusively on the contract, which is secure and paperless. There is no trade in equity exchange. Once you have partnered with us, we support you every step of the way.

How much do we fund?

We fund PO’s and valid contracts from R 250 000 to R 5 000 000 per transaction. There is no interest on the transaction, but there is an agreed share of profit per transaction. Don’t worry, though; there’s no need to trade precious equity in exchange for cash flow.

When will someone get back to me?

The team responds to all SME capital solutions applications within 48 hours, and payments are made within only 7 days, even sooner for existing clients. We understand that business happens when it does, and you need access to capital quickly.

What services do you offer?

Our capital solutions range from PO financing to contract orders as well as import/ export contracts. Ultimately, if you have a valid PO or contract between the value of R 250 000 to R 5 000 000 then you’ve come to the right place!

Further to our range of services, we commit to offering our clients cutting-edge technology and secure transactions. Our team responds with approval in under 48 hours, with payments done in only 7 days, sometimes sooner. We ensure that a solid vetting and due diligence process is implemented so that your deal goes smoothly.

Open yourself up to a world of opportunity.

Your business deserves the best start. Applying for capital funding need not be an obstacle in accomplishing your life goals—partner with us for professional service to help your business succeed.

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